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Bookkeeping Made Easy for Truckers   

We provide independent truckers with a new easy-to-use, low cost way of taking control of the bookkeeping process and professionally managing the bookkeeping side of trucking information and the source documents, without the need for any Bookkeeping experience.

This Bookkeeping Made easy for truckers service system, allows truckers to manage their bookkeeping from anywhere with as required access to information results and report, of Profit-or Loss, Cash Flow and Operating Analysis (income per kilometer/mile, cost per kilometer/mile, profit/loss per kilometer/mile) on a monthly and quarterly basis.

In addition, truckers with their own accountant can easily keep their accountant up to date by printing a copy of the included accountants report from the system and send this to their accountant to handle the quarterly filings.

This service is driven by our customized for truckers bookkeeping management software, TruckersBooks, This easy-to-use software allows truckers to send us the bookkeeping information as data instead of paper documents.

To help truckers manage and protect the integrity of the source documents used to enter the business information on as monthly basis, we have built into the system a document management for audit support report.

This report is designed to allow truckers to print and attach the report to the source documents as a data verification for audit report at the end of each business process month and place in their in-house for future audits support file.

For year-end tax management, we know from experience that year-end tax can be more conveniently provided by an accountant located near the truckers home office.

With that in mind, we created a strategic alliance team of accountants located in cities and towns across Canada and the USA to provide the required year-end accounting and tax services for our clients.

So if you are a trucker ready to take control of your business bookkeeping without the need for any bookkeeping experience, click here to purchase a copy of the TruckersBooks software and let us help you get started.

However, if you are still trying to decide on how to manage the bookkeeping side of trucking and would like to review other options that better fits with your preferred work flow management system click this trucktax bookkeeping menu of services link

Similarly, if you are an Accountant with a professional designation interested in building a clients base of truckers, and looking for a low cost way to have your practice professionally promoted to truckers and the trucking industry, the TruckersBooks Directory of Accountants is the place to list your practice.



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